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September Newsletter

Hi Team,

Another ‘summer’ comes to an end and we turn our thoughts to head- torches, arm warmers and swimming in the pool. We have had some fantastic racing performances so far this year, notably Tracey, Bridget, Leanne, Richard and Asa completing their first Middle Distance in Marlow, Leanne ‘smashing it’ in the Cotswolds’, as did Jules and Colin earlier in the season. Mike has raced everywhere, at every opportunity, and usually very fast. Until injury cruelly halted his season. Neil finally achieved this year’s goal, racing through the night in Essex. Anne, Andrew, Richard, Darren, Russ, Sam, Georgina, Matt and I have all improved on last year in various races. Which really only leaves me to mention Eliot’s monumental effort at Triathlon X... totally inspiring and pretty mad too! Enjoy this edition, and I look forward to seeing you all during training. Many thanks, Gary King, Chairman.

Member News

We have had one new member recently, Lucinda Lyon from Cholsey. Lucinda has previously trained with Conor and Bridget and recently raced the Oxford triathlon on Bank holiday Monday. Welcome to WTC Lucinda, we look forward to meeting you and hope we can help you on your triathlon journey!


Big news this week for one of our longest serving members, Committee member and Coach, Leanne James. Leanne has launched her new venture, AIM Beyond Personal Training & Fitness. Leanne has been training hard to achieve her Personal Trainer, Gym Instructor and British Triathlon Qualifications for over a year and her love of Triathlon and an active lifestyle has led her to want to help others plan, set and achieve their goals. I’m sure you will join with us all at WTC in wishing Leanne the very best of luck and success. You can find out more at http://www.aimbeyondpt.com

Please tell your friends and spread the word......

Social Update

Hi everyone. I hope you’ve all had a great summer, enjoyed your summer holidays and didn’t gain too much weight at the all-inclusive buffet (Darren) J

Don’t forget to send in your photos of WTC kit in far flung places.

As we come to the end of the Triathlon season, there’s still much to play for on the leader board, but more importantly we need to start thinking about the WTC Christmas party. Last year we had a buffet and drinks at the Perch and Pike, but this year I’d really like to get your ideas about what you’d like to do. For example, do we want a meal, just a few drinks, go into Oxford or even London? Please email me your thoughts and what budget you’d like and I’ll set about planning something enjoyable for you. My email address is ah-s@hotmail.co.uk

Austria – 4 day altitude training camp May or June 2018

Something else to have a think about is if you’d like to do some altitude training over in Austria. My house is at 3,500 ft, but the road cycling can take you up to nearly 6,000 ft. there are hundreds of miles of smooth, quiet roads to train on, plenty of hills to tackle and some good running and swimming (both in and out doors) to choose from. At this stage I’d like to gauge the level of interest, the house can accommodate 8 comfortably, more if you like playing sardines. In terms of budget, it’s not an expensive trip, but I think you should allow approx. £200 a head which should more or less cover flights from Stansted to Salzburg, accom, car hire and beers at the house J. I’m looking at bike hire options at the moment, as ideally it would be better to hire out there. As with above, please email me at ah-s@hotmail.co.uk

Looking forward to hearing from you. Andrew

Coaches Corner

SWIMMING: The summer has seen an increased number of WTC athletes taking to the open water with superior confidence and stamina. Considering where we came from and the distances that are now being achieved everyone should feel immensely proud of their achievements.

Winter training in the pool starts this Monday at the 'Big O' (the Oratory), 8-9pm. We will be working on water stamina, improving endurance but at the same time giving a great deal of thought to accurate technique and how we can achieve it, improving efficiency and ultimately getting faster.

As the weather deteriorates, affecting running and biking opportunities, time in the pool becomes even more important, improving overall fitness which will translate into bike and running fitness come the Spring. To get the most out of your swim training aim to swim 3 times / week throughout the winter.

Kit: a swimmers kit (toy) bag should ideally contain the following Pull buoy Hand paddles Kickboard

Fins Leg band

WTC has a selection of fins which I'll bring on Monday but please bring the rest of your kit. It's a sound investment!

I look forward to seeing you on Monday; Bridget

RUNNING: Going into the Autumn months we will continue with non-coached social sessions on a Tuesday and coached sessions on a Thursday.

The nights are now drawing in fast so everyone attending the run sessions MUST have a head torch and be wearing bright or reflective clothing.

The training program through the Autumn months will be based on improving technique as a group whilst maintaining your level of run fitness. Building endurance and then speed will come more into focus during Winter and Spring.

Please note there will be a Glow in the Dark run on 2nd November, this will start at 18:30 and be open to you partners and children, more details will follow.

Kit Update

Just a quick reminder that if anyone would like any kit; t-shirts or hoodies, I have some colours and sizes in stock. Always open to suggestions for kit, so feel free to let me know your thoughts/suggestions. As the race season is at an end, I'll be giving you plenty of notice for ordering any technical kit ready for next year. Tracey

Race Reports

We have 2 reports in this edition – it is great to share experiences so if anyone has any events coming up – please share with WTC the journey.

Fugitive Half IronMan – 19th July 2017 – Race Report by Richard Thompson

Its 9.30 on a Saturday evening, the day before the Fugitive Half-Ironman. My kit is packed, my bike is ready and I’m full to bursting after a carb-heavy tea. I debate whether to get an early night. It’s futile I decide. I’m not tired and I’m way too nervous.

4.30am the following morning and my alarm is going off. Half asleep, I fumble around trying to turn the alarm off before my other half gets really pi**sed off. I feel awful. I really should have had an early night! I remind myself I have paid good money to do this and spent a lot of time training. Time to pull myself together.

I arrive at Marlow at about 5.45 to find the rest of the WTC athletes congregating around the transition area. I rack my bike and do what comes naturally to most triathletes – faff around with my kit for a good half hour. I join the others to inspect the river. It looks ok. I am reassured that it hasn’t rained too much in the last few days which should mean the water quality is ok. It’s hard to totally escape the day job sometimes.

A few minutes later, the wetsuit is on and I am with my fellow WTC comrades at the race briefing. This is always the worst time for me. I just want to get going. Anyway, before too long we are in the water and off promptly at 7am. The start is hectic. I struggle to find a rhythm amongst the thrashing arms and legs. It seems to take an age to thin out. The rest of the swim is fine. I find a steady pace and even manage to follow Bridget’s tips for drafting a few fellow swimmers. 40 minutes for 2000m. I’d take that.

I clamber out and see Mike in transition, which gave me confidence my swim was decent. We are both out on the bike course and Mike is soon off up the road – giving me a target for a few km until he’s out of sight. I soon discover that road from Marlow to Henley is much lumpier than it seems in the car. Before long I turn off the Fairmile and head up for my first lap of Pishill. First time round is ok. I follow previous advice from Russ to keep a steady rhythm and my legs spinning – avoiding going too much into the red. I’m not a bad climber and I go past a few people on the steepest part of the hill, only to find them whizzing past me again on the flat.

Second time round Pishill and its starting to hurt. I try to make friendly conversation as I pass another cyclist. ‘That 5km of false flat before you even get to the hill is fun’ I say sarcastically. He doesn’t hear the key word in the sentence (false) and he doesn’t get the sarcasm. ‘It’s not f***ing flat’ he responds grumpily.’ I decide to avoid conversation from now on. Third time up Pishill and I not capable of conversation anyway. I’m really blowing now. It’s a massive relief to get the top. I’d managed to forget about the hill back into Marlow which attacked me with vengeance towards the end. But I kept going and boy, what a relief it was to get off my bike. 3hours for 86km.

By this time the support for WTC had grown and it was great to hear all the encouragement as I came into transition. Now for the tough part. I hadn’t ran more than 6 km for a month due to a calf strain. I was really worried that a) my calf wouldn't stand up to the run and b) that I wouldn't have the legs to get round. I start running by the river at a tentative pace and it feels ok. I settle down into a reasonable pace and hope for the best. After about 30 minutes I’ve completed the first lap. I see Tracey coming out of transition after a great swim and ride and it’s great to have a fellow WTC competitor on the course with me for a while. I stop for a precautionary stretch of the calf. So far so good.

After 3 laps I’m still going ok. The end is in sight. What a great feeling coming past all the friends, family and supporters as I enter the final lap. They were all unbelievable. Special credit must go to Tony who was there from the crack of dawn, supporting us all the way. On the final lap I see Darren, Asa, Mike and Bridget. I really needed their encouragement by this stage. It was a shame then to see Neil limping along with a calf injury. I know how painful they can be. Neil, to his credit didn’t take up my offer of a hand back to the transition area. Neil – I have a confession - I was only really offering so I had a reason to stop running!

The end is in sight. I’ve done it. 5 hours and 35 minutes. I’ve beaten my personal best by over 20 minutes. I’m delighted, but exhausted. Well done to Gary, Mike, Tracey, Neil, Leanne, Asa, Darren and Bridget (editor – please add in anyone I have missed!) who all totally smashed it. And well done to Andy Charrington who completed the Olympic distance event at the pace of a gazelle.

Great event, wonderful effort by all, fantastic support and an awesome club.

Footnote: Imagine my delight as I check the results later to see that I finished 12th. Imagine then my disappointment when I realise there were two Richard Thompson’s competing and I was not the faster of the two. I’ll have to beat him next year....