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Welcome to Wallingford Triathlon Club, or WTC.  The club was formed with a simple goal: to promote triathlon to people in the local area as an accessible sport that can be enjoyable as well as competitive.  Since I started the club, we have had many people join and we have built a family of like minded individuals and gained a host of new friends.  You don't need to be an Alistair or Jonny Brownlee or Georgia Taylor-Brown to have fun doing these three sports, but if you want to train, compete and have fun, there's space for you at WTC.

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About WTC

Wallingford Triathlon club was started on 1st November 2015 By our chairman Gary King.

The aim was quite simple. Create a friendly club that welcomed all abilities, share the love of our sport and train with likeminded people.


Fast forward 7 years and we are proud to have an active membership of around 40 athletes as well as a thriving social scene.


Even though we have grown, the club still retains its family feel, we meet several times a week to train together and offer training facilities that will help all abilities. Whether you are new to sport, returning to sport after a break or an injury, or a seasoned athlete looking to improve your times, we offer group sessions that will help you achieve your goals whatever they are.


The clubs members have travelled around Europe representing WTC in Finland, Spain, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, Italy and as well as all parts of the UK enjoying what they do best – Triathlon. If you’d like to join us, just click on the link, fill out the form and we’ll be in touch.

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