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Jake Completes the 496 Challenge

31 Jan 2023

Kilometers to match the date

WTC member Jake Peterson completed what canony be described as a feat of endurance to mark the new year. January 1st - 1km. January 2nd - 2km. January 3rd - 3km and so on. What seemed like a nice straight forward run at the beginning of the year became a test of his stamina, endurance and fortitude. As we past the 21st January, Jake was then running a half marathon + every day.

By the end of the month, other WTC members were out supporting him as he neared his goal. On 31st January Jake set out on his 31km run finishing in the cold and dark to cheers and applause from his WTC teammates.

Why did he do it? Who knows! But he receives the admiration of all athletes in the club. Well done Jake.

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