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Success with the 3-2-1 Triathlon

16 Jul 2022

The Matt Clamp 3-2-1 Triathlon was a huge success today despite the over 30 degree heat.

Our events secretary, Matt has become well known for his interesting take on club events, and this was an excellent event giving control to the athlete.

The format was to complete 3 laps of one discipline, 2 of another and 1 of another. The swim, bike and run had to be completed in that order, but it was up to the athlete to determine how they completed it. The laps were approximately 1k swim, 16km bike and 5km run.

The event was organised to support our very own Harry Gow whose middle distance triathlon had been cancelled. He completed the event first after a 3 lap swim, 1 lap bike and 2 lap run.

We then finished up with some rehydration and cake at the Wandering Cafe at Queenford Lakes.

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