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Superhero Capers

26 Feb 2023

Batman, The Riddler & Wally Woman spotted in South Oxfordshire

Holy Smokes! South Oxfordshire has been the focus of crime fighters with Batman and Robin chasing down The Riddler and Wally Woman taking to the roads.

No we've not gone mad. WTC members Phil Wortley and Andrew Harden-Sweetnam will be running the London Marathon in aid of Children with Cancer UK dressed as The Riddler and Batman respectively. They've both been running at Didcot Parkrun and around South Oxfordshire in their costumes in preparation.

Phil & AHS's page is at

Not wanting to miss out on the fancy dress, Rosie Rand has been spotted dressing up as local hero Wally Woman. Rosie is cycling from London to Paris for Cure Leukaemia and has donned the costume for fundraising purposes. Rosie did say she'd wear any costume to our spin class if people sponsored her £20... there's talk of all sorts of costumes in the coming weeks.

Rosie's page is at

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