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WTC End Season in style

18 Sept 2022

Wallingford take over Dorney

What an amazing day. WTC athletes descended on Dorney lake in their masses for the End of Season Triathlon. Competitors took part in the Sprint, Olympic and Relay races in mens and women categories and we had family members take part in the kids scootathlon and kids triathlon too.

We set up on the bank near to the swim exit point giving us a good vantage point of the swim exit, the bike laps and the run meaning that all WTC competitors had excellent support as they went around the course.

And then after the fun of the event, we all went back to AHS' house for the end of season BBQ - a traditional event that sees our membership secretary spend ages cooking us burgers and sausages and then we all turn up and eat all his food.

Congratulations to the following:

Olympic Mixed Relay Team

Kate, Bob & Eliot aka Cirque de Sore Legs 02:35:57 (5th)


Colin Wood 02:28:10 (13th)

Harry Gow 02:46:52

Phil Wortley 02:59:51

Matt Clamp 03:01:16

Andrew Harden-Sweetnam 03:03:00

Conor Rourke 03:11:18 (Winner of the Wangatron 2000 Handicap Race)

Leigh-Ann Bard 03:25:31

Chris Jacob 03:53:20


John Stuart 01:25:49

Tracey Unwin 01:38:22

Sarah Sweeten 01:41:27

Clare Wortley 01:47:02

Matt Connor 01:50:55

Kids Triathlon

Sean Stuart 00:30:25

Ellie Wortley 00:34:58

Charlie Wortley 00:35:05

Angus Stuart 00:36:07

Lucas Clamp 00:37:51

Harry Gill 00:37:54

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